My Idol

Bonnie Wright
Bonnie Francesca Wright or well known Bonnie Wright is a famous actress from British, England. She was born in London, 17th February 1991. She is a daughter of the owner of Teague and Wright jewellery company. She has one older brother named Lewis. Her debut film is Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone on 2001. In Harry Potter movie she plays as Ginny Weasley, the youngest child of Weasley Family and at the end of Harry Potter series she became Harry's wife.
After playing in Harry Potter series, Bonnie also take a roll in several movies, such as Stranded (2002), Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures (2004), The Replacements (2007), The Philosophers (2013), and many things else.
Even though she is busy filming some movies, she's still able to continue her study in London Collage of Communication. She studies Film and Television Production Manager. She said that …

English Short Story


Once a man sold his well to a farmer. Next day when a farmer went to draw the water from that well, the man did not allow him to draw the water from it. He said, “I have sold you the well, not the water, so you cannot draw the water from the well.” The farmer became very sad and came to the Emperor’s court. He described everything to the Emperor and asked for the justice. The Emperor called Birbal and handed over this case to him. Birbal called the man who sold the well to the farmer. Birbal asked, “Why don’t you let him use the water of the well. You have sold the well to the farmer.” The man replied, “Birbal, I have sold the well to the farmer, not the water. He has no right to draw the water from the well.” Then Birbal smiled and said to him, “Good, but look, since you have sold the well to this farmer, and you claim that water is yours, then you have no right to keep your water in the farmer’s well. Either you pay rent to the farmer to keep your wate…


WOMBAT COMMON NAME: Common Wombat SCIENTIFIC NAME: Vombatus ursinus TYPE: Mammals DIET: Herbivores GROUP NAME: Mob, colony SIZE: 28 to 47 in WEIGHT: 32 to 80 lbs SIZE RELATIVE TO A 6-FT MAN:


3 Senior High School Event

   On 30th of September 2017, my school, 3 Senior High School, held an event called Gathapraya. Gathapraya means “Festifal Seni, Sastra, dan Budaya”.The purpose of this event is to take care of our culture, therefore, it would not be claimed by other country.
   Before the main event started, a month ago, all classes were asked to make a mural painting. Then, it was scored by the art teacher at school. Then, the mural painting that wins will be displayed in the event. And when I get there, all of the mural paintings was displayed although they didn't win.
  On the morning of 30th of September 2017, we had a parade where we were all dressed with Indonesian traditional clothing and we walked along Gor. Saparua to Bali Street, Bandung. Also, theres a few students that were told to entered a fashion show.
   On this year event, theres a lot of different peformance. This year we have angklung performance, traditional dancing from one of the guests stars which is Didik Nini T…


Hey guys!

So, my friend Safina and I created a video where we describe about Artscience Museum Singapore. You can check our video here:

My Friend's Plan

Amanda: "Hello, Nanda! Good morning." Ananda: "Hi! Good morning!" Amanda: "Can I ask you something?" Ananda: "Sure!" Amanda: "Do you have any plans for next month?" Ananda: "No. But I do have plans for December." Amanda: "Really? What is your plan?" Ananda: "My plan is to have a sleepover with my Junior High School friends." Amanda: "Really? When?" Ananda: "Me and my friends haven't choose the date yet." Amanda: "Where are you guys going to have the sleepover?" Ananda: "At one of my friend's house." Amanda: Where is your freind's house?" Ananda: "My friend's house is around Lembang." Amanda: "Really? That's quite far away from here." Ananda: "Yes, it is quite far away." Amanda: "How many friends are joining you?" Ananda: "There's going to be 7 people that's joining us." Amanda: "Wow…

I Felt Really Blessed

My Experience
This is my story when I felt really thankful. I was so afraid and confused at that time but then somebody helped me. And my story is: I was lost when I'm still on my first garde.
       It was school holiday at that time, and I was at my aunt's villa in Bogor  to spended my holiday. My mother and father didn't come to the villa so it was just me, my aunt, my uncle, and my cousins.
        In the morning my aunt woke me up at 6.00 AM. we had our breakfast then my aunt invited us to go to a walk around the villa. It was really fun to walk around the villa beacuse I hadn't know the stituation around there. We talked while we were walking around and it was really great! When it was already quite far away from the villa, we founded that there was a tea garden. Me and one of my counsin asked my aunt if we could go to the tea garden. My aunt said yes but she was too tired at that time, she told us to go by ourselves.         Finally, me and my cousin went to the tea…